Spirits of Old Bennington

A Craft Distillery of Southern Vermont

The Spirits of Old Bennington Story

Distilling Vermont Traditions To Perfection

Spirits of Old Bennington was born out of Vermont’s “Revolutionary” traditions. Our spirits embody the complex character of our region. The ghosts of Vermont’s past and our agricultural roots guide our crafting of the highest quality artisanal spirits. From battlefields to taverns to the covered bridges that gave cover to Prohibition-era bootleggers, we engage local farmers, artists and innovative businesses to establish our supply chain for ingredients and build our brand. In true spirit and like the Green Mountain Boys, SOB is storming the craft distilling market with our premium, unique-flavored gins, rums and canned cocktails. Join the Revolution!

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Our Team

Our Founder Ken Lorenz and his wife Alexis had a dream of bringing a craft distillery to Bennington, Vermont. They visited the misty moors and distilleries of Scotland and the quest was set! Harnessing the power of water, we have found the perfect location in Bennington where we are able to honor the rich history of distilling, millworks, and our region.

Founder & Distiller – Ken Lorenz

Business Growth Strategist – Jeb Gorham

Marketing Brand Strategist – Stacey Hills

The Impact

At Spirits of Old Bennington, we hope to serve our community in a multitude of ways. Your support will expand beyond our walls, and enable us to boost local farms, artisans, and small businesses. As a family, we are active in the community, and we look forward to growing this aspect of our lives. As a business, we:

  • Engage Local Artisans for Specialty Packaging & Premium Items
  • Build Relationships with Local Small Businesses to Ensure Our Investments Are Circulating through the Community
  • Drive Business from Our Customer Base to Local Artisans
  • Collaborate with Farms to Identify & Establish Our Supply Chain for Ingredients That Can Be Sourced Locally


Still to Bottle

Sedition Gin Flight

 In 1789, Vermont’s first newspaperman, Anthony Haswell was jailed under the Alien and Sedition Acts. Sedition entails speaking truth to power, and we are all about empowering people. We might be SOBs, but as we roll out our flight of gins, we never tell you what to think. Our artisanal gins, flavored and infused with local ingredients speak for themselves.

Sedition Gin
SOB’s original Sedition Gin is a London Dry style featuring three simple flavors, Juniper, Coriander and Angelica Root. Experience the heavy nose, smooth taste and warm finish.
Sedition Gin Cenntenial Hop
SOB’s Centennial Hop Gin is a delight for beer enthusiasts looking for something different, yet familiar to their favorite IPA. This dry style gin is infused with locally-sourced hops that provide floral aroma profiles with a hint of hoppy bitterness.
Sedition Gin Citrus
SOB’s Citrus Gin is infused with lemon and lime flavors to balance the juniper and make it a favorite of non-gin drinkers. Enjoy this well-balanced dry style gin with a refreshing citrus aftertaste.

Covered Bridge Rum Flight

In Revolutionary times rum was the beverage of choice from battlefields to taverns. In the Prohibition-era, bootleggers used the covered bridges for back roads rum-running. SOB’s blended rums are inspired by the form, function and beauty of Vermont’s covered bridges. Our Covered Bridge Rum flight is handcrafted and features white as well as unique, naturally flavored and colored rum. 

Covered Bridge White Rum
SOB’s Covered Bridge White Rum is a handcrafted, blended rum and features a complex tropical fruit nose, a dry palate and smooth finish.
Covered Bridge Panela Rum
SOB’s blended Panela Rum is handcrafted and features the natural flavor and color of USDA organic Panela. This golden rum has a sugary, butterscotch aroma and flavor with a silky smooth finish.

SOB Moonshine

Coming Soon

Nip Joint Moonshine

Tavern Times Moonshine

LIMITED Production

Barrel Aged Reserves

Fritz’s Apple Brandy – Local Apples

Fritz and his team hand pick apples from the trees of Propagation Peace Orchard in Shaftsbury, VT and press them into cider for a true Vermont taste. Spirits of Old Bennington uses small batch fermentation and slow distillation methods to give this localvore take on brandy a smooth apple-infused taste. Aging in recycled bourbon-maple casks brings out the refined, sharp apple flavors with hints of oak and maple.

Kilted Wheat Whiskey

While visiting the Highlands of Scotland, we learned about our founder’s roots and the craft of distilling. Legend has it that Clan Gunn descended from Vikings and that Vermont’s mysterious stone chambers were Viking-built, long before Columbus. In obscure Vermont fashion, we crafted our Kilted Wheat Whiskey to honor our founder’s and state’s heritage. SOB’s play on whiskey is a youthful, oaky smooth, raw spirit true to our region’s complex character. Check your bottle batch and age to see if you’ve grabbed a short or long barrel reserve.

Tasting Room

Come for a Visit

Tasting Room open 12-4 Friday and Saturday

Located at:

1514 N Bennington Rd,

North Bennington, VT 05257

Spirits of Old Bennington Distillery

1514 N Bennington Rd
North Bennington, VT 05257

Sedition Gin Cocktails

Gin Gin Mule

1 ½ oz Gin, 2 oz Ginger Beer, ¾ oz lime juice, 1 oz simple syrup. muddled mint leaves

Serve over ice


1 ¾oz Gin, ¾ lime juice, ¾ maraschino liqueur ½oz crème de Violette, Cherry garnish


High Fashion

2oz Gin, 1oz St. Germain, 1 ½oz grapefruit juice, dash of bitters

Garnish with lemon or grapefruit peel.

Corpse Reviver

1 ½ oz Gin, ½ oz triple sec, ½ oz absinthe, dash lemon

Serve over ice.

Covered Bridge Rum Cocktails

Covered Bridge Cider

2 oz Rum, Top with Mulled Cider

Mug, with Cinnamon stick

Serve hot or cold depending on mood.

The Perfect Storm

2 oz Rum, 1 oz cider, 2 oz giner beer, ½ oz sugar

Vanilla bean garnish

Sugar Rim over served over ice

Catamount Cooler

2 oz Rum, Chai Tea, add cream for latte version

Served chilled over ice

Ticket to Cuba

1 ½ oz Rum, ½ oz lime juice, ½ oz simple syrup, Top with Champagne. Mint garnish

Martini Glass.

Join SOB for 2018 Events

Look for SOB Tastings at Powers Market during the 2018 North Bennington Winter Festival. Come check out our new Centennial Hop Gin and Panela Rum.

We just wrapped the Vermont Burlesque Festival as an Official Sponsor. Thank you to all who attended.