Lawrence, the anti-pornographer

“DH Lawrence or fire in the heart”, by Antony Burgess.Translated from English by Pascale Leibler.Grasset, 292 p., 120 F.

"The Beautiful Lady and other deadly tales", by DHLawrence.Translated from English by Patrick Reumaux, Hatier, "Foreign land" 314 p., 128 F.

Anthony Burgess is a bulky biographer.The author of Mechanical Orange and the Dark Powers is not a writer to pass under the table when he sets out to pay homage to some of his illustrious colleagues.was not intimidated in 1964, we can imagine that David Herbert Lawrence will inspire no complex in a creator who did not hesitate to offer us his own version of the Gospel - the Man of Nazareth - and of the epic Bonapartienne - the Napoleon Symphony.

From its title, the first chapter of DHLawrence or Fire in the Heart arouses the most keen fears: “The Youth of Lawrence and Mine.” But, in the end, the provocation did not last long.As often, Burgess rolls over.mechanics, stuffs his words with firecrackers and artistically colored smoke bombs, he does a few flame-breathing tricks on the front of the stage, likes what we imagine him writing in disheveled and the glass of whiskey placed in unstable balance at the edge of the writing board; but when these few salvos to the glory of his strong literary personality are fired, he knows how to stray far enough from his canvas to let us see the portrait he has undertaken to paint.

His biography of Lawrence is certainly an eminently Burgessian work, stormy, spectacular, artistic, playing on all tones of comedy and tragedy, emotion and sarcasm and indulging with pleasure in all the games of intelligence.But it is also a remarkable biographical work.

Posted Date: 2020-12-19

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