The Craft Irish Whiskey Co .: A whiskey box sold for $ 2 million

Wines-Spirits The Craft Irish Whiskey Co .: A whiskey box sold for $ 2 million

This whiskey box, which also includes a haute horlogerie watch and a Fabergé egg, is the epitome of what can be done in the field of luxury spirits.

Nicknamed "The Emerald Isle Collection", this box created in only 7 copies is a collector's item comparable to a work of art.The walnut box, starting with the case, is made by hand and is cut with the greater thoroughness.

However, it is the contents of the box that interests us here today: each of them compotes two bottles of the 30-year-old Irish single malt whiskey, aged in American oak barrels and then finished in a rare cask of Pedro Ximénez sherry.

In addition, the future owners will also acquire two creations signed Fabergé: a custom-made Celtic egg in 18 card gold and created by hand by the master enameller Marcus Mohr.It will be adorned with a Celtic knot encrusted with diamonds and two colored gemstones.The second creation, a Fabergé Altruist watch also handcrafted by André Martinez, is made from 18-karat rose gold and 24-karat gold glitter.

Finally and the highlight of the show: each box will also include a cigar box with two Cohiba Siglo VI Grand Reserva cigars, a gold cigar cutter, a gold-plated water pipette, whiskey stones, a flask of Emerald Isle ( an extremely rare and precious whiskey) and a carafe of pure water from Irish sources in the same region as the whiskey.

Posted Date: 2021-02-27

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