The "perfect collection" of whiskey on sale

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Composed by an American connoisseur, it is considered the most important collection in the world, with 3,900 bottles, mainly single malt Scotch whiskey.

This is the opportunity not to be missed for whiskey lovers.The "Perfect Collection", the largest private collection of this beverage, built up until his death by an American connoisseur, was put up for sale by a site of Composed mainly of single malt Scotch whiskey, it will be on sale in two rounds, says La Province.The first runs until February 17, while a second lot will go on sale from April 10 to total, 3,900 bottles are to be purchased while the price of some may exceed one million euros.

The purpose of the sale in two stages is to "give buyers time to explore the collection in all its diversity." Some bottles have never or rarely been seen at auction.1,949 bottles are offered during this first sale including a very rare bottle of Macallan Adami, a whiskey distilled in 1926 and aged in barrels for 60 years.

Last year, a bottle from the same Scottish distillery, distilled on the same date and bottled in 1986 had sold for 1.45 million pounds (1.7 million euros), a record for a product like this, Le Matin recalls.The bottles offered at these two auctions have all been purchased over the years by Richard Gooding, an American from Colorado.The man has spent decades creating the "perfect collection," according to, where he traveled regularly to Scotland to find the rarest bottles.

Posted Date: 2021-01-27

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